Couples Intensives

I specialize in creating transformative 3 day couple intensives. This is the most efficient and effective way to dislodge unsatisfying relational patterns and to move your relationship towards connection, joy and deep satisfaction.

Too many couples spend years in therapy having the same conversations without experiencing a significant shift in the relationship.

Perhaps you’ve had this experience?

You’ve come to see a therapist with hopes of learning tools to improve your marriage or partnership. Typically traditional therapy begins with a review of the past, often focusing on recent conflicts or pain points which naturally re-activate the challenging emotions associated with those events. Given the constraints of a 50, 60 or even 90 minute session, there isn’t enough time to move through the arc of experience that will be reparative and instructive. The strong emotions that were activated linger as you exit the therapist’s office, and you leave unresolved. This cycle sadly reinforces the negative narrative you have about your relationship.

When it’s not for a lack of time, then too often the therapist is unskilled with facilitating a strong enough experience for you to integrate the deep learning that results in change. As you continue with this cycle, the fate of your relationship is in danger as your attempts to get help sadly end up reinforcing the pain of frustration and disappointment.

The three day intensive model that I have designed is highly effective in helping you know exactly what to do to create more love, pleasure, and satisfaction with each other. I’ll structure our time so that you are actually doing something differently, not just talking about your problems. Because this process involves experiential learning, it’s easier to remember what you have learned. You will also receive an audio recording of the highlights of your work together so that you can have a reminder of what to do outside the office.

This accelerated process delivers more than three months of traditional therapy in the span of only three days. Many couples report that it’s been more effective than the years they spent in ongoing therapy.

With 4-5 hours of focused work each day, I help you gain greater clarity about the vestigial strategies that are holding you back from getting to the next level of intimacy and connection. You will receive specific tasks that you will practice immediately to improve your situation. We’ll address productive conflict, relational self-advocacy, attunement, non-verbal communication, proper repair, sexuality and play to name a few topics. You will leave the office with joy and confidence.

I do this in a manner that is professional, ethical, respectful, and fun.

Come join me in beautiful Boulder, Colorado and learn to LOVE WELL.

My office is walking distance from historic Pearl Street, the Hotel Boulderado and the St. Julien Hotel & Spa.

Please contact me if you are a committed couple interested in scheduling an intensive.